Drip or Drown 2 Tour Pt. 1


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  • Holy Canary
    Holy Canary  1 months back


      EMGVEVO  5 months back


      • Lil Bitty bit
        Lil Bitty bit  6 months back

        Anyone know the name of that first song?

        • Jxy 7
          Jxy 7  6 months back

          You the greatest slime 🤮🐍

          • Music Gods
            Music Gods  6 months back

            Still lit

            • Florida flavor
              Florida flavor  7 months back

              Hey! Join here: https://youtu.be/join/ct-ftiyLhTCokE

              • Ahmed El Bahja
                Ahmed El Bahja  7 months back

                You need to do a show in London.

                • Bangaa Jaz
                  Bangaa Jaz  7 months back

                  Can’t wait til tuesday @ The Ritz 🤑💚

                  • David Rodríguez
                    David Rodríguez  7 months back

                    COME TO BRASIL GUNNA,FT BC RAFF

                    • Jugg_ King _ Josh
                      Jugg_ King _ Josh  7 months back

                      🙏🏾✅shotbyndoh 🎥he made that shit look 👀 like a movie💯🤔🍿 this so cold bruh

                      • Kana Beats
                        Kana Beats  7 months back

                        wish I could go man

                        • Vinícius Poleti
                          Vinícius Poleti  7 months back

                          COME TO BRAZIL!!

                          • Kill Gucci
                            Kill Gucci  7 months back

                            The 20 people who disliked this video will die of aids

                            • d mil
                              d mil  7 months back

                              Gunna killing the game right now🔥🔥🔥

                              • IAmBreado
                                IAmBreado  7 months back

                                This inspires me to make music again!! I’ll have him on a feature in the future BET on it!

                                • Step Banga
                                  Step Banga  7 months back

                                  https://youtu.be/52zKq5fb2XA click link listen like subscribe comment thanks for the support 💯

                                  • QLF NDA
                                    QLF NDA  7 months back

                                    Which cities?

                                    • Thugger Jackson
                                      Thugger Jackson  7 months back

                                      Gunna taking over 😤

                                      • Marcus Antoine
                                        Marcus Antoine  7 months back

                                        COME TO PARIS

                                        • Hits Tv media Gang
                                          Hits Tv media Gang  7 months back

                                          Record a performance wyd slime 🤔

                                          • LiL MARS
                                            LiL MARS  7 months back

                                            Broke boi boi thumbNail 🤷🏾‍♀️

                                            • Lady Gigalet
                                              Lady Gigalet  7 months back

                                              Here for gunna🤷‍♂️😎shutt upp🤣

                                              • Kia Rob
                                                Kia Rob  7 months back


                                                • Elijah Matlock
                                                  Elijah Matlock  7 months back

                                                  This song so hard check it out

                                                  • kris pringlez
                                                    kris pringlez  7 months back

                                                    my homies not on his wave make me LMAO

                                                    • Sunny Gob Beatmaker
                                                      Sunny Gob Beatmaker  7 months back

                                                      Give yr email if u want kill this mf dope man🔥 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u2Us6bprAw&list=UUWMZBUzpfnfRMlNjptiXaKQ&index=20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Str51IYOzp8&list=UUWMZBUzpfnfRMlNjptiXaKQ

                                                      • Zimoy B
                                                        Zimoy B  7 months back

                                                        See you at Reading cuz, we waiting brudda

                                                        • Brusky
                                                          Brusky  7 months back

                                                          Gunna prada you

                                                          • The Boys
                                                            The Boys  7 months back

                                                            Shit is so fire

                                                            • BP Glizzy
                                                              BP Glizzy  7 months back

                                                              Whats the first song called in the beginning ?

                                                            • Richard Tomm
                                                              Richard Tomm  7 months back

                                                              Man I hoped he would be in Germany!

                                                              • Richard Tomm
                                                                Richard Tomm  5 months back

                                                                @PixelGem now i know

                                                              • PixelGem
                                                                PixelGem  5 months back

                                                                He is in Hamburg on Wednesday dude

                                                            • IcyGirl_Arii
                                                              IcyGirl_Arii  7 months back

                                                              H U S B A N D

                                                              • Cristian 02
                                                                Cristian 02  7 months back

                                                                Drown or get dripped

                                                                • Feindawg Unlimited
                                                                  Feindawg Unlimited  7 months back

                                                                  Extremely jealous

                                                                  • justin andrew
                                                                    justin andrew  7 months back

                                                                    Young Goat

                                                                    • isaiah5209
                                                                      isaiah5209  7 months back

                                                                      Gunna is ass. Like If u agree

                                                                      • Austin Bui
                                                                        Austin Bui  7 months back

                                                                        Detroit ‼️

                                                                        • TyDaGuy
                                                                          TyDaGuy  7 months back

                                                                          Gunna you are my favorite rapper 💯much respect from Detroit

                                                                          • Paul Kane
                                                                            Paul Kane  7 months back

                                                                            Gunna the Goat

                                                                            • TurnedUp Yokula
                                                                              TurnedUp Yokula  7 months back


                                                                              • Fahad Waleed
                                                                                Fahad Waleed  7 months back


                                                                                • Azlin
                                                                                  Azlin  7 months back

                                                                                  GUNNA U R GOD JUST SAYIN🗿💯

                                                                                  • geovan jacobs
                                                                                    geovan jacobs  7 months back

                                                                                    gunna the hottest rapper now

                                                                                    • Female Doggy
                                                                                      Female Doggy  7 months back

                                                                                      Lmao there’s no way he be getting active in all those layers

                                                                                      • nick rich as in spirit
                                                                                        nick rich as in spirit  7 months back

                                                                                        I see we're with it lets get it💸💷💲💰

                                                                                        • Trina Alexander
                                                                                          Trina Alexander  7 months back

                                                                                          Gunna you the man music goes crazy

                                                                                          • Yaunjie Cinco
                                                                                            Yaunjie Cinco  7 months back

                                                                                            I’m seeing you in bostonnnn

                                                                                            • Chris
                                                                                              Chris  7 months back

                                                                                              So hyped I got to see you in Anaheim CA!!!!!