Disney Channel Shows You Didn't Know Your Fave Celebrities Were Once On


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  • Itzz Bre
    Itzz Bre  1 months back

    What about Sabrina Carpenter and Skylar Stecker on Austin & Ally

    • Veronica Adriana Gamboa
      Veronica Adriana Gamboa  2 months back

      Wow ! Am i literally that old that i know all of these people were on DC!? Lol this was when DC was in its prime !

      • Jesus Christ Is Love
        Jesus Christ Is Love  3 months back


        • Jenny
          Jenny  3 months back

          I knew half of these already

          You should do a video on Disney Channel stars who were on other Disney Channel shows before they got their own show

        • Trevor Donegan
          Trevor Donegan  3 months back

          Why was Austin butler on this list? Of course he was on Disney. He was one of the stars of the later season of Zoey 101. That’s how I know who he is

          • Trevor Donegan
            Trevor Donegan  3 months back

            Oh that’s right! My mistake!

          • J-14 Magazine
            J-14 Magazine   3 months back

            Zoey 101 is Nickelodeon :) Loved him on Zoey 101!!!

        • Rex Herrera
          Rex Herrera  3 months back

          Good job on your Videos J-14!!!! I subscribed :)

          Edit: I’m a huge fan!! 💖

          • Victorious Channel
            Victorious Channel  3 months back

            I know Victoria Justice was on Disney Channel a way long time ago but, I didn't know that Nathan Kress was there too.

            • Hxnnybee_101
              Hxnnybee_101  3 months back

              Heeey from England X💕

              • Liliana Lievanos
                Liliana Lievanos  3 months back


                • theOnly. heaven
                  theOnly. heaven  3 months back

                  Hey J-14 Ilysm