• Published: 10 January 2020
  • We Found The Mystery Neighbor Secret Memory Card Gadget with Evidence on in the Computer Escape Room!!

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    In Stephen Sharer last vlog “MYSTERY NEIGHBOR STEALS TESLA after ENTERING SHARER FAM HOUSE to meet MOMMA SHARER!!” You saw Stephen Sharer and his almost twin sister Grace Sharer and their best friend John were on their way back to the Sharerfam House after driving the Mystery Neighbor Twin sister TESLA UBER spy car. Inside the Tesla they found a lot of BRAND NEW SPY GADGETS and tech inside the Central Control Panel. When they arrive back to the Sharer Fam House they gather all of the stolen evidence clues and Spy Gadgets they found inside the Tesla such as the Brand New AIRPODS LISTENING DEVICE GADGET as well as the UNDERCOVER DISGUISES the mystery neighbor uses to remain undetected and anonymous. Before going inside, they test out one of the WORLDS COOLEST spy gadgets they found, THE WORLDS BIGGEST FOG MACHINE that will fill the entire backyard! As they enter the Sharerfam House, MAMA SHARER is pranked because there is so much fog from the SPY GADGET Stephen and John tested. Luckily it was just a PRANK ON MOM. Next, Mama Sharer shows them all of the new art she has been making and even tell them that her friend is coming over to make some brand new homemade diy artwork! Stephen and John lay out all of the evidence they have found from the Mystery Neighbor twin like Hello Neighbor such as the undercover wig, the construction helmet, the mystery box safe lock box with $100 inside but not $10000 or $1MILLION and many more mystery gadgets found inside TESLA UBER. You won’t believe what happens next when the Mystery Neighbor Twin Spotted INSIDE SHARER FAM HOUSE!! Today in Stephen Sharer new vlog Stephen Grace and John are on a Secret Agent Mission to discover what the Memory Card SD Card they scavenger hunted at the Mystery Neighbor Twin Sister spy castle. They have all of the evidence they recovered from the Mystery Neighbor Twin Sister TESLA UBER like Rebecca Zamolo “Surprising My HUSBAND with a NEW TESLA! (His Dream Car) | Rebecca Zamolo” such as the piece of clay tile they found with a face on it that looks like the Game Master face from Game Master Incorporated “Spying on my Crush for 24 hours! (Secret meeting with Mr X) | Game Master Inc.” They also found a mystery box challenge with only $100 inside rather than the full $10000 dollar challenge amount. Once they try to plug in their SD Card Memory card into the computer, it starts spraying mystery disguise fog all over the room! Because the old computer Time Machine Gadget wasn’t able to read the disk, Stephen and John decide to go to the computer store to pick up some new card reader gadgets to try to finally get the top secret hidden information intel from the inside of the disk! While on the way to the Computer Store, the mystery neighbor hops into the back of the Spy Truck and follow Stephen and John all the way there! You won’t believe what happens next when Stephen and John arrive and start looking for brand new tech gadgets!


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