*SECRET* Fortbytes Skin UNLOCKED! (20 Elims)


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  • Franco Kruger
    Franco Kruger  2 weeks back

    17 kills not 20

    • The Boys
      The Boys  2 weeks back

      No you got 17 elims 👍🏻

      • Future Bunny
        Future Bunny  2 months back

        Knock knock Halloween is. Coming and fortnite nightmares is rising

        • Catalystic
          Catalystic  2 months back

          Who’s here with the new fortnite map.

          • Itna interested kyun?
            Itna interested kyun?  2 months back

            Nah man the scientist is way


            • Patricia Reynolds
              Patricia Reynolds  2 months back

              I got that in a day

              • don't matter
                don't matter  2 months back

                17 =/= 20

                • Grass •
                  Grass •  3 months back

                  Default singularity with the helmet and the default vendetta back bling is 🔥

                  • FarawaySoda 8559
                    FarawaySoda 8559  4 months back


                    • Darion Preston
                      Darion Preston  4 months back

                      Lachlan: “really wish I had a sniper”

                      Me: You passed two snipers

                      • FNAFWorld68
                        FNAFWorld68  4 months back

                        You lied you got 17 kills not 20 lied for views btw

                        • Susan Miller
                          Susan Miller  4 months back

                          Do a give away

                          • Armando Hernandez
                            Armando Hernandez  4 months back

                            Song 4:48?

                            • Grant Buehler
                              Grant Buehler  5 months back

                              I’m so close to getting and it’s almost the end

                              • Windows Error
                                Windows Error  5 months back

                                I know if off topic but I just come with a thoery worth sphere at loot lake

                                So I’m season 6 the event happen the cube explodes then we went to a place the. Loot lake change well I think we went to a alternate universe and we be suck in the portal and we have the map from season 6 map back or we have season 6 and old current map combine

                                • He Who Ceases
                                  He Who Ceases  5 months back

                                  i love lachy

                                  • Three Canadians
                                    Three Canadians  5 months back

                                    I love all your vids

                                    • EARod333
                                      EARod333  5 months back


                                      • Neru Carter
                                        Neru Carter  5 months back

                                        21? yea cuz u need to pickup the pump

                                        • LBL Plaiz
                                          LBL Plaiz  5 months back

                                          And then there's me...
                                          I've collected 6 fortbytes.....

                                          • Casey Justice
                                            Casey Justice  5 months back

                                            Can you please play with my son

                                            • Riftyz Xd
                                              Riftyz Xd  5 months back

                                              He lied and said 20elims

                                              • Nikolas Lampe
                                                Nikolas Lampe  5 months back

                                                There was a singularity helmet in the unvalting event on the desk

                                                • Slime Lime
                                                  Slime Lime  5 months back

                                                  Tomato is my favorite

                                                  • aiden_payne
                                                    aiden_payne  5 months back

                                                    gg you killed me

                                                    • Gamers worldwide
                                                      Gamers worldwide  5 months back

                                                      congrats on 12 mil

                                                      • Logan Martins
                                                        Logan Martins  5 months back


                                                      • Omar Atef
                                                        Omar Atef  5 months back

                                                        Can anybody add wereisaname on fortnite and gift me a skin

                                                        • iamchaotic -
                                                          iamchaotic -  5 months back

                                                          Power rangers

                                                          • A Diamond
                                                            A Diamond  5 months back

                                                            im am a lucky kid drift is my favortite skin but i started in season 7 so i could not get him but i have most fortbytes just 3 more till the mask and i have all styles

                                                            • Dial M1ghty
                                                              Dial M1ghty  5 months back

                                                              Oceanic servers are only bots

                                                              • Gail Echevarria
                                                                Gail Echevarria  5 months back

                                                                That music tho in 9:26 🎶

                                                                • Joe Plantz
                                                                  Joe Plantz  5 months back

                                                                  Your my favorite YouTube’s!

                                                                  • Benjamin Pousak
                                                                    Benjamin Pousak  5 months back

                                                                    Yo ur lucky cause ps4 nae is glitched and can’t do any glider or skydiving challanges

                                                                    • Georg Kour
                                                                      Georg Kour  5 months back

                                                                      O shit this skin gives bots superpowers

                                                                      • angel Ramirez
                                                                        angel Ramirez  5 months back

                                                                        I have that skin

                                                                        • Rak Hendrix
                                                                          Rak Hendrix  5 months back

                                                                          That Skin Combo Is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

                                                                          • Fake Streamer16
                                                                            Fake Streamer16  5 months back

                                                                            So close to 12 mill subs come on

                                                                            • Faze lebron
                                                                              Faze lebron  5 months back


                                                                              • Rivalry
                                                                                Rivalry  5 months back

                                                                                Lachlan: Has a pump and combat in his inventory

                                                                                Me: Wait that’s illegal

                                                                                • Emen
                                                                                  Emen  5 months back

                                                                                  Can you unlock this skin and collect fort bites after season 9 finishes?

                                                                                  • Emen
                                                                                    Emen  5 months back

                                                                                    Mazder_ thanks so much!

                                                                                  • Mazder_
                                                                                    Mazder_  5 months back

                                                                                    there's alot of things showing that Fortbytes will be gone after S9, you'd still have 20-15 days to collect all of them though. dunno how but you can.

                                                                                • thanos cat NIGGAAA
                                                                                  thanos cat NIGGAAA  5 months back

                                                                                  6:25this song was annoying me for soo long

                                                                                  • markku kaunisto
                                                                                    markku kaunisto  5 months back

                                                                                    OMG 20 my kill rekord is 9 :(

                                                                                    • Gemstar Clarke
                                                                                      Gemstar Clarke  5 months back


                                                                                      • Donald jeanesis Villanueva

                                                                                        I did not collectthem but they are in my locker

                                                                                        • Reaps XIBTF
                                                                                          Reaps XIBTF  5 months back

                                                                                          Why not show us the 20 instead of the 17

                                                                                          • SweatyTryHardsBeLike
                                                                                            SweatyTryHardsBeLike  5 months back

                                                                                            It said 20 elims not 17 DIslike

                                                                                          • UT LikeABoss
                                                                                            UT LikeABoss  5 months back

                                                                                            Is it just me or has lachy gotten 20times better!