**Major NYC Helicopter Crash** [ Manhattan 3rd Alarm 10-60 Box 856 ] 787 7th Ave @ 51 Street

  • Published: 10 June 2019
  • ©FDNY Response Videos 2018

    Video of people running from the building can be found on my Instagram, here: instagram.com/p/ByjHMy_hJl1/

    Fire Location: 787 7th Ave

    Multiple calls reporting a plane into a building

    L-4,2,7(Soc Support)

    B-9 gave the 2nd Alarm on arrival

    Helicopter crashed onto the roof of a 54 story office building

    2nd Alarm/10-60? *G-Man Sq18 OOS Day*
    E-9 w/ Sat. 1
    E-274 w/ 2nd Piece
    E-44 w/ 2nd Piece s/c
    L-116 w/ R.C 4
    Soc Logistic
    Soc Compressor
    Car-4C (Chief Of Operations (Administration) DAC Richard Blatus)
    Car-16D (Deputy Director-Fire Alarm Dispatch Brian Kuntz)
    Car-16E (Deputy Director-Fire Alarm Dispatch Ann O'Brien)
    Car-12B(Safety Command Liaison BC Edward Walsh)
    Car-3(Chief of Department John Sudnik)
    Car-4(Chief Of Operations Thomas Richardson)
    Car-12(Chief Of Safety & Inspectional Services Command DC Michael Meyers)
    Car-11F(Chief Of Foam Operations Capt. Mark Becker)
    Car-11(Chief Of Special Operations Command DAC John Esposito)

    B-9 Helicopter that crashed into the roof. It is on fire.

    B-9 1 10-45 No Code

    MD to D3 we are going to transmit a 10-76 @14:02

    E-3 w/ H.R 1

    *Staging 6th Ave & West 50th St*

    MD to D3 due to the weather Air Recon is not flying

    D3 2 L/S/O

    FC s/c 1 additional Rac Unit

    FC s/c 2 additional Squad Companies in the Command Post

    FC Canceled those Squad and s/c 1 Haz-Tec Engine

    MD to FC Squad 252 will remain in service Squad 1 will continue in as the Haz-Tec Engine

    MD to FC Freeing up Squad 1 now and special calling E-44 as your Haz-Tec

    FC per Car-4 the previous 10-45 is a Code 1

    FC per Car-4 PWH Transmit a 3rd Alarm for relief purposes 4&2

    3rd Alarm
    B-32 Act. 9s/c
    Car-22G(Fleet Mechanic Supervisor Mark Tria)

    FC s/c 1 additional BC. The nearest BC and they will be designated the street area manger

    FC per Car 3 Place this fire Under Control

    Duration 2 Hours and 31 Minutes

    Squad 41 Act. Rescue 1
    Engine 15 Act. Engine 26
    Engine 229 Act. Engine ??
    Engine 239 Act. Engine 7
    Engine 293 Act. Engine 8
    Engine 271 Act. Engine 16
    Engine 263 Act. Engine 21
    Engine 312 Act. Engine 40
    Engine 235 Act. Engine 65
    Ladder 1 Act. Ladder 12
    Ladder 45 Act. Ladder 21
    Ladder 55 Act. Ladder 25
    Ladder 105 Act. Ladder 7
    Battalion 32 Act. Battalion 9
    Battalion 45 Act. Battalion 9
    Battalion 52 Act. Battalion 8
    Battalion 42 Act. Battalion 7
    Division 14 Act. Division 3
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Comments • 282

  • nonyabusiness
    nonyabusiness  3 weeks back

    logistics nightmare

    • Killed_By_The_Architect -

      Such hustle, lol.

      • ThinBlueLine
        ThinBlueLine  1 months back

        Do you work for the New York Fire Department?

          NJ-RAILFANNING-NJT _  1 months back

          No firefighter responding to that didn't think it was gonna be 9/11 all over again

          • Matthew Rose
            Matthew Rose  2 months back

            Hi good job for videoing

            • Thomas Skinner
              Thomas Skinner  2 months back

              Oblivious New Yorkers working out 🏋️‍♂️ at 10:09 in gym

              • Grey Jay
                Grey Jay  2 months back

                The unmarked NYPD car pulls in front of the FDNY engine, which air horns him out of the way ...
                Do these two departments meet in Central Park for football matches? That must be a contest to watch ...

                • Paul Sale
                  Paul Sale  2 months back

                  Why did it jump from 7th and 54 to 30 Rock?

                  • jeepthing98
                    jeepthing98  2 months back

                    If you like fire trucks, this is the video to watch.

                    • Nick H
                      Nick H  2 months back

                      Wait are you with them cause no one is telling you to move and your going under the tape

                      • Daniel Mizeperez
                        Daniel Mizeperez  3 months back

                        Bad things always happen in NYC

                        • John Aldasch
                          John Aldasch  4 months back

                          Great video,keep up the great work.

                          • ThinBlueLine
                            ThinBlueLine  5 months back

                            Wasn't the last 10-60 on 9/11...?

                            • Tim Burm
                              Tim Burm  1 months back

                              ThinBlueLine yes that's why so many trucks came they weren't taking chances

                          • BlueLight39
                            BlueLight39  5 months back

                            WOW nice ;)

                            • jose diaz
                              jose diaz  5 months back

                              FDNY the greatest fire department of the world.

                              • JTM Fire16
                                JTM Fire16  5 months back

                                Y’all rack

                                • Chapmen Ong
                                  Chapmen Ong  5 months back


                                  • Ryan Poggioli
                                    Ryan Poggioli  5 months back

                                    FDNY responses of this magnitude really show off the department's unlimited pool of resources. I am always astounded by the huge amount of diverse and highly skilled units the fire department can dispatch in such a short amount of time. Truly a major feat in logistical operations, and a one of the reasons that makes the FDNY one of the greatest fire departments in the world.

                                    • Matthew King
                                      Matthew King  5 months back

                                      Click bate obviously I didn't see any helicopter anywhere not once. Oh well that's 20 minutes I will never get back.

                                    • evlogan
                                      evlogan  5 months back

                                      Imagine being pulled over in that police car 5:32

                                      • Jen B
                                        Jen B  2 weeks back

                                        Ok who brought a match box car to the fire?

                                      • Aid
                                        Aid  5 months back

                                        Even though it would be hilariously embarrassing to, you would most likely get busted at the parking spaces by one

                                    • Robert Van Gogh
                                      Robert Van Gogh  5 months back

                                      It was an amazing rainy weather. But I want the photographer what a camera you use and it looks like it's the steady cam photographer uses. Looks beautiful and see the camera walk

                                      • 공자
                                        공자  5 months back

                                        머라 쳐 씨부릿쌌노

                                        • The Lord
                                          The Lord  5 months back

                                          FD Drama queens.. so much fuss for one chopper... Allways overeacting but in snail speed

                                          • Lost Loss
                                            Lost Loss  5 months back

                                            Remember September 11th?

                                          • First_shot23
                                            First_shot23  5 months back

                                            Fire chief was in the helicopter...

                                        • Alex Bigg
                                          Alex Bigg  5 months back

                                          @14:50 on the right side, the FDNY Ceremonial van even responded.😊

                                          • Meme Gaming Channel
                                            Meme Gaming Channel  5 months back

                                            Lol HAZ-TAC almost crashed into a tree. Like if you noticed too.

                                            • Dotoo
                                              Dotoo  5 months back

                                              What a mess, Germany would regulate everything better, such as the vehicles are there

                                              • Tim Burm
                                                Tim Burm  1 months back

                                                At least we have a faster response time all your firefighters are volunteers instead of full time a call like this would result in you having your own 9/11 with the amount of time you guys take to get to a scene and start working on it

                                              • Anthony
                                                Anthony  5 months back

                                                Dotoo stfu with your shit country

                                            • Frank Caps
                                              Frank Caps  5 months back

                                              Me: Watches N.Y.F.D walking around and inspecting the building
                                              Also me: (7:02) sees a FBI agent walking buy the firemen and cops...

                                            • spiralrose
                                              spiralrose  5 months back

                                              I didn't see any footage of the crash.

                                            • Seb Smith
                                              Seb Smith  5 months back

                                              My dad is a helecopter pilot oh no 😱

                                              • Collin Chesney
                                                Collin Chesney  5 months back

                                                That NYPD car at 5:32 😍😂

                                                • sl production
                                                  sl production  1 months back

                                                  That what the Rookiesget

                                                • Phillip Mulligan
                                                  Phillip Mulligan  1 months back

                                                  That's nothing. You should see what the Hong Kong and Tokyo police and fire departments have and their operating budgets are way larger than New York Citys

                                                • Corey English
                                                  Corey English  1 months back

                                                  I know, so cute. I was just showing my son.
                                                  My boss's girl friend drive a snot color green one.
                                                  She 83 and looks so darn cute in it.
                                                  Athens Ga.

                                                • Steven Pivornik
                                                  Steven Pivornik  2 months back

                                                  "OK Jeff, you get the Smart Car today. You're on meter check."
                                                  "Oh god boss, please, anything but that Micro Machine........please."
                                                  "Smart car or your job, which one would you like to see yourself in right now?"
                                                  "Yes boss............"

                                                • Daddy Khaos
                                                  Daddy Khaos  2 months back

                                                  @51HankySpanky actually those smart cars can navigate city traffic really well and drive up on sidewalks while offering more protection and no extra training of a bike. Still can only fit people under 5'8" but you win some you lose some

                                              • AlshyGuy
                                                AlshyGuy  5 months back

                                                Great footage

                                                • ScrimSCREAM
                                                  ScrimSCREAM  5 months back

                                                  Never forget

                                                • Ricastar
                                                  Ricastar  5 months back

                                                  Where’s the helicopter

                                                  • Seb Smith
                                                    Seb Smith  5 months back

                                                    The roof of the building

                                                • big dog gamer
                                                  big dog gamer  5 months back

                                                  I'm guessing this is 9/11

                                                  • NeilLB7
                                                    NeilLB7  5 months back

                                                    In watching the top brass of FDNY show up in their dress uniforms...I must say that I would always prefer to be in turnout coat and helmet while showing up on an engine than any brass position. Management in any job is management nonetheless. Being top brass must make people sad to some extent on the inside.

                                                    • Stephen Malinchock
                                                      Stephen Malinchock  5 months back

                                                      Excellent Clip ! Excellent Work by the FDNY & NYPD !

                                                      • Puff E. Upagus
                                                        Puff E. Upagus  5 months back

                                                        9:50. Why is command outside on a phone when they have several billion dollar command apparatus.

                                                        • Tactical Gaming
                                                          Tactical Gaming  5 months back

                                                          Command does not always need to be inside a vehicle or in the building at a scene. Most of the time they are outside directing people on what to do. Also, wrong time stamp?

                                                      • Puff E. Upagus
                                                        Puff E. Upagus  5 months back

                                                        Wow. I mean...Sorkin has nothing on you. I wish radio a bit more clear but, wow. This video need a to get an award or something.

                                                        • Cody Sauder
                                                          Cody Sauder  5 months back

                                                          They determine the cause of the crash yet?

                                                          • CobraEmergencyVideos - North America

                                                            I was scanning this as it was happening. Crazy! Really tragic to hear about not only a fatality but that of a Fire Chief who was in the helicopter. R.I.P

                                                            Also are you with the FDNY? It's amazing how you go right through the scene and even right up to the lobby itself with no NYPD stopping you.

                                                            Good footage

                                                          • Alec Vandercar
                                                            Alec Vandercar  5 months back

                                                            Awesome footage!!

                                                            • Skyler West
                                                              Skyler West  5 months back

                                                              This was on the news I seen it

                                                              • FireDude513
                                                                FireDude513  5 months back

                                                                Is that the Governor at 2:15?

                                                                • Sminem
                                                                  Sminem  5 months back

                                                                  It is, you can see his security next to him.

                                                              • stephen Brooks
                                                                stephen Brooks  5 months back

                                                                Are a firefighter or a civ

                                                                • Seb Smith
                                                                  Seb Smith  5 months back

                                                                  He is a civilian with permissions

                                                              • evan kimball
                                                                evan kimball  5 months back

                                                                To all the people who hate law enforcement and first responders because of fake news shit, just imagine if these men and women didn’t risk their lives for complete strangers then mostly like we wouldn’t be alive

                                                                • MissYijare
                                                                  MissYijare  5 months back

                                                                  NYPD driving the new Smarts around... what?! 7:13

                                                                  • Razir
                                                                    Razir  5 days back

                                                                    @Hakim Gibson No they aren't. You'll notice they all say "Traffic" on the side and none of those are actual cops. They don't have a gun, they can't arrest people, they can write parking tickets. They have about the same level of authority and training as USPS letter carriers.

                                                                  • Hakim Gibson
                                                                    Hakim Gibson  5 months back

                                                                    Heli-Crew HGS yes they are actually. I see them all the time

                                                                  • Heli-Crew HGS
                                                                    Heli-Crew HGS  5 months back

                                                                    MissYijare They are used by NYPD's traffic & parking enforcement agents (wearing the white-topped hats.) They are not used for law enforcement, or by police officers.

                                                                • David Toomey
                                                                  David Toomey  5 months back

                                                                  This service men and women provide a very good service and excellent quality service for the people in New York.. They are all fantastic people and all. fantastic. People in life..

                                                                  • Moshe Levy
                                                                    Moshe Levy  5 months back

                                                                    Never knew and seen that the MySpace has soooo many emergency vehicles