NYC chopper crash, John Dean testifies, boy on unicorn raft rescued at sea


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  • Katie Kane
    Katie Kane  5 months back

    Oh FFS, leave the harmless snakes alone. "Zombie" snake? Just using a very effective behavior at survival. People get bit messing with stuff, walk away. They want NOTHING to do with humans!
    Edit: does the church admit that intersex babies are born? Ambiguous genitalia exists & has forever. Are these Gods mistakes?

    • Iris fox
      Iris fox  5 months back

      No i wouldn't eat it

      • Susie Que
        Susie Que  5 months back

        So why again is there a warning for a harmless snake?

        • Appen Zeller
          Appen Zeller  5 months back

          Damn those Unicorns always wanting to play !

          • Guy Fawkes
            Guy Fawkes  5 months back

            #BridgeDay, makes Fayetteville West Virginia Americas "most fun" destination for thousands worldwide.

            • Peggy Eastwood
              Peggy Eastwood  5 months back

              Stop going after trump take care of our border

              • Katie Kane
                Katie Kane  5 months back

                Is he too fragile to criticize?

            • Richard Diffley
              Richard Diffley  5 months back

              Jaws could have gotten him.!

              • Redlioness 2019
                Redlioness 2019  5 months back

                There was a flash inside the clouds prior to this chopper's emergence out of it and then crash landing on top of that building.

                • Carol Harris
                  Carol Harris  5 months back

                  Somebody has to take that joystick away from hit-lery. The photos being hacked should raise the concern about who's using them and for what, fake isis passports? Obuma regrouping his minions again?

                  • Tess Scott
                    Tess Scott  5 months back

                    About time someone reported the crash with dignity to the pilot. Finally the crash report was not down playing the loss of the pilots life. About time

                    • Jamie Alexandrino
                      Jamie Alexandrino  5 months back

                      Off course, i would not eat that giant snail!

                      • Smokey Bear
                        Smokey Bear  5 months back

                        Cunt Cuomo "my mind goes where most NYers minds go".you mean up your ass??

                        • Stephen Sclater
                          Stephen Sclater  5 months back

                          Jack N the Box fukn suuuuuuux!!!

                          • Cody Sharum
                            Cody Sharum  5 months back

                            The raft thing is so stupid why would anyone even think you could use it out in the sea? Its common sense to me really prays for everyone especially the helicopter 🙏

                            • Lola Rene
                              Lola Rene  5 months back

                              That kid should have had a life jacket on. That’s not very responsible

                              • Michelle
                                Michelle  5 months back

                                Why would they let their kid in the water before teaching him how to swim? Everyone should learn how to swim. You never know when you might need that skill for yourself, a loved one or just a neighbor.

                            • Cerberus Leviath
                              Cerberus Leviath  5 months back

                              I wonder if the wind blew him over to the restricted air space.

                              • Connar Downes
                                Connar Downes  5 months back

                                New York is a shit hole of a state! high taxes it snows 6 months out of the year and we use excessive amounts of roadsalt so cars dont generally last 15 years FUCK THIS STATE!

                                • Spooky Moo
                                  Spooky Moo  5 months back

                                  Why didn't the parents get him

                                  • Spooky Moo
                                    Spooky Moo  5 months back

                                    I'm gonna play dead. I'm tired 😂

                                    • SUGAR XYLER !!!
                                      SUGAR XYLER !!!  5 months back

                                      *Happy Birthday to anyone GEMINI*

                                    • Nathan Halicki
                                      Nathan Halicki  5 months back

                                      Wow... MSM is such a tool and FAKE NEWS. Ignore the real news about how the DOJ and Hillary illegal behavior to fake all this. Attempting to listen to both sides.... Only verifies everything EPOCH TIMES has reported.

                                      • Matt May
                                        Matt May  5 months back

                                        Got PTSD? Nope. Nothing but Lies. 6/11 9/11 okay 👍🏻 Just keep lying!!

                                      • guitar man
                                        guitar man  5 months back

                                        John Dean ! Lol. Has already been found guilty for lying ! Now there's a credible man ! Dems have nothing burgers for sale !

                                        • Katie Kane
                                          Katie Kane  5 months back

                                          Kind of like ALL the criminals Donnie hires?

                                        • Michael Holthaus
                                          Michael Holthaus  5 months back

                                          Whats wrong with you,I voted for Nixon, I thought he could do no wrong, but he turned out to be, just like drumpf, a criminal psychopath, and a liar.

                                      • JESUS CHRIST THE MOST HIGH GOD

                                        Another Criminal Trump Rat Goes 2 Prison last night .. That's about 40 Trump Goons in Federal Prison .. MAGA 😭🤕

                                      • Claire Conover
                                        Claire Conover  5 months back

                                        sad about that poor helicopter pilot...

                                        and despite what trump says, if he got in enough legal jeopardy... he’d leave.
                                        cowards don’t put their necks on the line.

                                        • Claire Conover
                                          Claire Conover  5 months back

                                          DeeBoyNYC then quit whining and go, dimitri.

                                        • DeeBoyNYC
                                          DeeBoyNYC  5 months back

                                          @Claire Conover U gotta chill, yur response is why all people of every color and Nationality are running away from our Democratic Party...don't write in if u can't handle having an innocent question asked

                                        • DeeBoyNYC
                                          DeeBoyNYC  5 months back

                                          @Claire Conover Wow, yur nasty comment is one of the reasons I wanna leave..Im from NYC and this is how abbreviate so relax yurself....I'm in the biggest Democrat City in the Country so its funny that u think u know how Democrats should text...get outta here with yur fake self thinking yur all commanding and I should be scared..I always try to keep people motivated and yur just a motivation killer BUT it's all good..I guess I'm not in yur lane of sayin hey, what's up with that comment even though it's fine to me.I was just askin .......Enjoy yur day and stop being so mean and full of hate against yur own party...sheesh! Take it eaaaasy dictionary lady also, us normal people shorten words for texts. It's been going on for decades

                                        • Claire Conover
                                          Claire Conover  5 months back

                                          DeeBoyNYC if you can’t handle 2 thoughts... that’s pretty bad.

                                          and please do leave the democratic party. you clearly don’t belong.

                                          also, learn to spell (or at least learn the proper slang). no american talks like you do... unless they’re faking it for someone else’s #propaganda.

                                        • DeeBoyNYC
                                          DeeBoyNYC  5 months back

                                          Yur comment is weird cause it makes no sense and all over the place....this is why I'm thinking about leaving the Democrat Party....This was the working parties people and supporters didn't say mish mosh like you...I'm very close to leaving, along with alot of others, change my mind!

                                      • Tullock
                                        Tullock  5 months back

                                        YOURE INFORMATION WAS STOLEN, were only going to tell you once, this one time only.

                                        • Panthers Forsuperbowl
                                          Panthers Forsuperbowl  5 months back

                                          Fake news

                                          • Jim Alley
                                            Jim Alley  5 months back

                                            FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM ksl850g1
                                            Better fake news than a tiny mushroom dick. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Idiot

                                        • Curtis 23
                                          Curtis 23  5 months back

                                          6/11. But this plane shouldn't of been flying

                                        • Knight for Right
                                          Knight for Right  5 months back

                                          Clinton for PRISON!!!!

                                          • Jim Alley
                                            Jim Alley  5 months back

                                            Knight for Right
                                            Wasn't Trump going to lock her up? The orange cocksucker has been in power for over two years and he still hasn't done it. So either she is innocent of any wrong doing or trump is full of shit. Or ..............both

                                          • Michael Holthaus
                                            Michael Holthaus  5 months back

                                            If your a trumpanzee, it looks like drumpf might just beat her there.Just Google drumpfs legal history, he's a criminal psychopath who knows what Vladimir Putin's dick tastes like.

                                          • Knight for Right
                                            Knight for Right  5 months back

                                            @Claire Conover After you

                                          • Claire Conover
                                            Claire Conover  5 months back

                                            Knight for Right you first.

                                        • Skixxler
                                          Skixxler  5 months back


                                        • Jezi Nayar
                                          Jezi Nayar  5 months back


                                          • team Roberts
                                            team Roberts  5 months back

                                            I am watching from england

                                            • Groze
                                              Groze  5 months back

                                              How does it feel being safe?

                                          • Wxrthless
                                            Wxrthless  5 months back

                                            First 😂

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