Manchester United v. Norwich City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 1/11/2020 | NBC Sports


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  • John Doran
    John Doran  6 days back

    Can they just show an actual real picture of the players at the beginning instead of the EA sports version? What’s with that?

    • TJ
      TJ  6 days back

      People talk about Mata being slow, but he has a knack for creating small openings and finding the right pass.

      • Kingstotha Zico
        Kingstotha Zico  6 days back

        Where are the fake fans

        • dossube
          dossube  6 days back

          nO COmMEntS !

          • Mark Pieratt
            Mark Pieratt  6 days back

            that was *NOT* a penalty. once again, VAR & the referee getting it wrong. first, as a referee, if the player has no chance to play the ball (which, in this case was going OUT) , no penalty. And, Krul didn't even touch him. Mike Riley, pull your head out of your arse, get rid of VAR, get your refreees up to snuff - because you never were.

            • David Alozie
              David Alozie  6 days back

              Where’s everyone

              • Philip Gyassa
                Philip Gyassa  6 days back

                Bruh why are there no comments

                • Caleb Gosa
                  Caleb Gosa  6 days back

                  Braden Williams miss is why they give defenders such bad shooting in FIFA

                  • Teliq Zed Rap's Gatekeeper Zambia

                    United till I die!!!!!!

                    • J P3
                      J P3  6 days back

                      Greenwood is a stud. Play this man.

                      • Asa Yagami
                        Asa Yagami  6 days back

                        Im a man utd fan but that wasnt a penalty, williams could have skipped over krul

                        • Asa Yagami
                          Asa Yagami  6 days back

                          Why doesnt mata play every week?

                          • Speecholis
                            Speecholis  6 days back

                            How did he even miss that chance?

                            • Kill Bill
                              Kill Bill  6 days back

                              Winning over a bottom team doesnt mean much. We need to win games that matter!

                              • boogy
                                boogy  6 days back

                                where'd everybody go?