I was challenged to a fight.


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  • Dilligent Frit
    Dilligent Frit  1 hours back

    We don't care about your money we care about your attitude😠😠😠

    • Jana Moustafa
      Jana Moustafa  2 hours back


      • Soviet Doggo
        Soviet Doggo  8 hours back

        Hey if you don't take that offer can I box them?

        • 10k Subscribers without any videos.

          Am I the only one who went straight to their video to dislike it?

          • M Loving
            M Loving  11 hours back

            bra you need to shrek them

            • Nathansyupp
              Nathansyupp  11 hours back

              Subscribed. This shits gold. Hate the guys too.

              • Rockstar Pro
                Rockstar Pro  12 hours back

                Yes I would but I will spread positive thoughts not be mean just to get pay and make other people feel bad about themselfs

                • Jrcolts #5
                  Jrcolts #5  12 hours back

                  Your bullying the dobre brothers and you know it

                • Jrcolts #5
                  Jrcolts #5  12 hours back

                  Cody I will never say that “trash” word again! (3 min later) says it about 27 times

                  • Luke Roberts
                    Luke Roberts  12 hours back

                    Only when reading comments people like you left

                • trxp kat
                  trxp kat  13 hours back

                  U better be ready to walk the talk 😤LMAOOO

                  • Alyssa T
                    Alyssa T  13 hours back

                    Leave no man behind.
                    Or child. Or other child.
                    Or their new friend.
                    Or your giant nephews and their giant dad.
                    Or a horse.
                    Or a horse's brother for that matter.

                    • Emily V
                      Emily V  13 hours back

                      outro is ur peak

                      • Gavin Soares-pires
                        Gavin Soares-pires  13 hours back

                        Fuck that guy

                        • Rockstar Pro
                          Rockstar Pro  14 hours back

                          If u are good now u should STOP saying the dirty words in every video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          • Online Person
                            Online Person  13 hours back

                            very helpful. Also if you had to do this to live get money and you know, not die you would do the same thing.

                        • Sweet Bees
                          Sweet Bees  14 hours back

                          Well, none of this would have happened if you made those videos of them. Although some are partially true, but it's still not right to talk about others. Obviously people have feelings and you don't know what they're actually feeling. And those people who cussed at you, assuming they're Dobre Army, shouldn't have done that either. Sure, they're pissed and want to make sure you get that message, but it's still wrong to do that also. Because you have feelings too. I'm not a fan of yours but I respect all your honest comments about them. I actually highly recommend that you two youtubers should get a coffee and just talk it out, although you may not actually have anything against them, but you don't really want to give yourself a bad reputation, do you? Well in other people's eyes. And btw, I had no idea you were a senior. You look like if you were in your twenties tbh. And you made a good remix in the end.

                          P.S I'm not a kid.

                          • Tarjeimonster
                            Tarjeimonster  3 hours back

                            Well first of all, the Dobre Brothers are adults, they have millions of subs so they should be able to take critisism. Second, its obvious to me that the Dobre Brothers did this only to get attention, because their channel is dying. They are not actually that hurt, but they know that creating drama gives views.

                          • Online Person
                            Online Person  13 hours back

                            @Sweet Bees You too.

                          • Sweet Bees
                            Sweet Bees  13 hours back

                            @Online Person Thanks. And I appreciate your respect. Please do have a nice day.

                          • Online Person
                            Online Person  13 hours back

                            If im being honest that wasn't a rost. I respect how hard you worked on this.

                        • Addisen McNeece
                          Addisen McNeece  15 hours back

                          And I reported you long time ago

                          • Tarjeimonster
                            Tarjeimonster  3 hours back

                            @Addisen McNeece well he got 4 likes on all of his comments, so I dont really know why he would be jealous

                          • Online Person
                            Online Person  13 hours back

                            I have a youtube channel thats so bad its still better then you. (Somehow)

                          • Addisen McNeece
                            Addisen McNeece  13 hours back

                            Online Person what ever your just jealous that I got a like and you did not

                          • Online Person
                            Online Person  13 hours back

                            @Addisen McNeece im shure.

                          • Addisen McNeece
                            Addisen McNeece  13 hours back

                            Online Person no some one else did

                        • Addisen McNeece
                          Addisen McNeece  15 hours back

                          Your such a brate and Cyrus will kick your but

                          • Jason Van Der Byl
                            Jason Van Der Byl  7 hours back

                            @Addisen McNeece also your grammar usage gives me a brain aneurysm.

                          • I’m here for fun
                            I’m here for fun  9 hours back

                            Addisen McNeece You misspelt easy and simple words

                          • Addisen McNeece
                            Addisen McNeece  12 hours back

                            Online Person ya I am not your probably not either so how do you know that I am not smart

                          • Online Person
                            Online Person  12 hours back

                            @Addisen McNeece we know your no smarter then any of us.

                          • Addisen McNeece
                            Addisen McNeece  13 hours back

                            Ryan Davila oh I am so sorry mable I miss spell things so many people do that you know

                        • TØXIC-YT
                          TØXIC-YT  16 hours back

                          11:30 🔥

                        • Manan Mohammad
                          Manan Mohammad  16 hours back

                          U suck man you’re such a loser

                          • Tarjeimonster
                            Tarjeimonster  2 hours back

                            He's an average person with a nice house and wife and 4.2 million people on the internet thinks he's funny

                          • I’m here for fun
                            I’m here for fun  9 hours back

                            Manan Mohammad just stop you’re doing nothing good for anyone

                          • Online Person
                            Online Person  13 hours back

                            You didnt put a period and also You need to do you not u.

                        • lizeth monroy
                          lizeth monroy  16 hours back

                          Yay I’m sooooooooooooo happy

                        • Sneckzy
                          Sneckzy  16 hours back

                          Cody: I will not say that word right now
                          Also Cody: Stfu you dumas bish

                          • Online Person
                            Online Person  13 hours back

                            I dont know if that was a insult but good job.

                        • Amos Lomayestewa
                          Amos Lomayestewa  17 hours back

                          Honestly sorting by newest comments was not my best decision today

                        • jocelyn fun with toys
                          jocelyn fun with toys  17 hours back

                          I love dobre brothers so i just wanted to say stop dont be the mean one be the nice one always stay positive and happy sorry

                          • Jason Van Der Byl
                            Jason Van Der Byl  7 hours back

                            I can make fun of you, make bad content, get critizised. Easy. Goddamn I love this country where I can say whatever the fuck I want.

                          • I’m here for fun
                            I’m here for fun  9 hours back

                            jocelyn fun with toys We need more people like you

                          • Online Person
                            Online Person  13 hours back

                            Too be honest I cant make fun of you because I would feel bad.

                        • Thomas Baudot
                          Thomas Baudot  18 hours back

                          YOUR INTRO IS SO FAKE

                        • Chance Waverly
                          Chance Waverly  18 hours back

                          Are trash dobre brothers are better than you and I bet you checking cuz you get knocked out by Cyrus don't play kid

                        • Jimmy Belcher
                          Jimmy Belcher  19 hours back


                          • Online Person
                            Online Person  13 hours back

                            I liked that video. I need nothing else to say.

                        • Elizabeth Torres
                          Elizabeth Torres  19 hours back

                          If y’all wanna stop the dobre brothers and unsubscribe to them good luck KIDS they won’t stop cuz they only wanna spread positivity on YouTube and some people like you guys don’t let them do that

                          • Online Person
                            Online Person  13 hours back

                            Is that a dis to Cody or his fan base?

                        • Arion Clarke
                          Arion Clarke  19 hours back

                          I don't like this new "positive" cody ko.. I liked the old 1 where he would just get on everyones head with noel miller innah funny way.. like this comment if u agree... and comment if you disagree..

                          • Patrick Rasnake
                            Patrick Rasnake  19 hours back

                            Lol thanks a lot Cody. Just rewatched this video now I can't stop singing "you are a fucker, son of a beatsch"

                            • Gekyume Is the name
                              Gekyume Is the name  20 hours back

                              Fucking phat ass

                              • Ana Valladares
                                Ana Valladares  20 hours back

                                We all know use the booty side Ian how many people are into nice size don't want this to Bruce Lee

                                • love and destroy
                                  love and destroy  21 hours back

                                  I sent this to them on that video

                                  please stop complaining about something so little and to be honest you guys are taking it too far for making a video about it when every you could have stopped and texted about your problems you call him a kid but you are trying to start a fight with him if you watch some of his videos the people he roast, talks about, and even maks fun of text him and talks to him like a real man should you guys just can't see that yet because all you guys think will that fighting will resolve it just grow up and talk to him man to man or text him about it all you have to say is please stop and most likely he will

                                  • Tonia Galloway
                                    Tonia Galloway  21 hours back

                                    U will lose a fifth dude

                                    • Denisses Casarrubia
                                      Denisses Casarrubia  21 hours back

                                      Why u scared go fight him so you can get beat😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

                                    • big_joe
                                      big_joe  22 hours back

                                      My dad and mom left me. But i have $50

                                      • Jesus Estrada
                                        Jesus Estrada  22 hours back

                                        your so dumb 😂

                                      • viltsunr1
                                        viltsunr1  22 hours back

                                        You look wierd with a hat on

                                        • Salmonfaky
                                          Salmonfaky  23 hours back

                                          Shut the fuck up you dumbass bitch.

                                        • Mingo Martinez
                                          Mingo Martinez  23 hours back

                                          Sure ur spreading positivity ur bullying the dobre brothers cody ko or mean who ever subscribed to this fale bitch sorry for u cody ur lieing stop lieing to ur subscribers

                                        • Helena Khuri
                                          Helena Khuri  23 hours back

                                          take a shot every time he says 'positivity and kindness'

                                          • Unoriginal Memes
                                            Unoriginal Memes  23 hours back

                                            There are 1 too many 4 yr olds in the comments

                                            • Trish Heuvel
                                              Trish Heuvel  23 hours back

                                              you are a ass hol rost me ya sher you are kind not

                                            • Eddie Badenmark
                                              Eddie Badenmark  23 hours back

                                              Do yo have an echo on your sound or do i? :P

                                              • Betty Kashira
                                                Betty Kashira  24 hours back

                                                The Dobro brother are right there no positive thing in your video. Your not saying a good word!

                                                • Joh Nicol
                                                  Joh Nicol  21 hours back

                                                  Don’t cry

                                                • Unoriginal Memes
                                                  Unoriginal Memes  23 hours back

                                                  Go back to your kid friendly channel, we don't need any 4 year olds here

                                              • Freddy Star
                                                Freddy Star  1 days back

                                                Lol only be positive his next upload him roasting fans😭😭

                                                • Unoriginal Memes
                                                  Unoriginal Memes  23 hours back

                                                  It's a joke he's making fun of them, your 4 year old brain doesn't understand it though

                                              • Devanshi Mehta
                                                Devanshi Mehta  1 days back

                                                finally a great christian channel

                                              • Mr god
                                                Mr god  1 days back

                                                Angy children

                                                • Jake’sBunionCreme
                                                  Jake’sBunionCreme  1 days back

                                                  Fucking lit mean, coochie licker